Eurocosmec re-design

During 2011 I’ve re-designed the brand identity of Eurocosmec, a company that produces, buys and sells Forklifts based in Montichiari, Brescia (Italy).


The company also wanted re-invet the Forklifts visual, complaining the fact that there are anything peculiar about it
Customers go to the “showroom” without even look at the Forklifts, watching technical configuration only over the catalogues and websites.

The ideas of making a Forklift “cool” are so many, but what Eurocosmec customers would like more? These two examples are the more successful and very easy to realise (pretty cheap too!)


But the most complicate re-design was the logo. They changed significantly the first 1969 logo version in the 2007 (image below) and asked me to improve it without making big changes. In the end of a very fast process I ended up with two version and they choose the one below (image)

I’ve also created the new graphic design of the website based on the exiting framework. Few other changes were made for iOS optimisation and mobile devices.

I love

web design, typography and simplicity. I work with passion since 2002 in the graphic area and in the communication field. In 2008 I have co-found llot creative network.

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